Mummy's Mask

A1 - Tomb Antechamber

A. Tomb of Akhentepi


This rectangular room is empty save for some engravings and fixtures upon the walls, a pair of heavy stone doors to the north, and an immense stone wheel against the south wall. The air is stale, and a layer of dust and sand covers the floor, lying in a thicker layer to the south. All four walls bear sunk-relief engravings and hieroglyphs, while small stone faces are affixed to the walls at about shoulder height in each corner. The stone wheel to the south is engraved with a large spiral and is set in stone tracks in the floor and ceiling.


Olivia shares that spiral on the stone wheel is the symbol of Pharasma, and also recognize that two of the carved faces in the room’s corners depict Pharasma.

Calliope shares the heiroglyphs on the walls are Ancient Osiriani and with the engravings, they describe the life of the tomb’s enshrined occupant, Akhentepi, a celebrated military commander who presided over the troops garrisoned in Wati prior to the city’s downfall. The heiroglyphs warn, “Akhentepi’s tomb is well defended, and those who defile it tempt the wrath of the gods.” An additional warning advises, “The only thing the Lady of Graves despises more than the grave robber is the unsuccessful grave robber,” followed by a final admonishment to “turn back while you can”.

A1 - Tomb Antechamber

Rufus recognizes the other two masks of Anubis, the ancient Osirian god of Anubis.

A1 - Tomb Antechamber

The Snake uses two piton to jamb the wheel open and retrieves the other pitons used to open the door.

A1 - Tomb Antechamber

The Snake ties and shackles the donkey in this room while he’s exploring the tomb.

A1 - Tomb Antechamber
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