Mummy's Mask

A2 - Tomb of Akhentepi

Upper Shaft Room


This square room is starkly devoid of any markings or adornment. In the center of the chamber’s floor, a square shaft drops straight down into darkness. A faint musty odor rises from the pit. A single piton has been hammered into the stone floor by the northeast corner of the pit, and a dusty length of rope dangles from the piton into the darkness of the shaft.


Two giant claws from a Ghost Scorpion reach in and grab Olivia.

A2 - Tomb of Akhentepi

The party managed to defeat the Ghost Scorpion

A2 - Tomb of Akhentepi

The party decided to put on their armor once inside the tomb out of the desert heat.

A2 - Tomb of Akhentepi
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