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Gathering in Wati

Forming the Party...


It’s a dry heat, but it’s still hot none-the-less. Sweat has formed on your body as you have traveled down the Asp River to the city of Wati. You are surprised that as you step onto dry land, a palanquin is waiting for you. Once settled inside the litter, and it’s born up by the human servants that carry it, you notice that the temperature has dropped once more to a bearable heat. The palanquin is spacious, obviously enchanted with a permanent “endure elements” and fit for the most wealthy of individuals, and upon closer inspection carved with all types of butterfly and Belapixie blossom motifs. Fitting for your host, Belapixie Qadira-Osito.

Belapixie Qadira-Ositio was once a courtesean of the Jade Lady in Ketapesh. She made her fame and wealth working with the Pathfinder Society, and vested her prestige heavily into Trading Caravans. This trading has led to her having a home here in Wati as well as many other locations and it is to be the starting place of what she hopes to be a profitable venture. Unaware of whom has been summoned besides you, the palanquin continues to move steadily to the Morning Sun District.

The Morning Sun district seems to consist of mostly noble estates, palatial homes with orchards and vineyards, unheard of in a desert city. You are shown to a rather elegant estate, a small cinnamon tree resting in a small garden with the smell of lemon blossom and exotic spices lingering in the air. The air here also seem cooler than the rest of the city. Small rolls of silk are stretched tight near the ground to cushion the feet and keep them from touching the hotter sands. The rooms are rich with tapestries and furs, not needed but displayed just to show off the wealth of the owners.

A grand room is set with rich fruits, exotic dates, waters and juices. A small fountain of cold, clear water bubbles continuously in the center of the room. A scroll of parchment is placed on a table, clearly meant to be read.

Opening it, you see written in an elegant and tidy hand the following:

“I’m so sorry to have not been present to greet you in person, but you are welcome to stay here at my little getaway while in the city of Wati. The fountain in front of you is magical and will heal you from heatstroke, fatigue and small bits of damage you might sustain. It works once a day, so don’t hesitate to use it if you need it. The servants will provide for you food while you’re here. But you’ll still need supplies when out and about.

Not sure what you know and don’t know, but with the necropolis opened by royal decree, the priests of the local temple of Pharasma, the Grand Mausoleum, have been tasked with assigning sites ready for exploration to adventuring companies in a lottery. Registering is not difficult; there are no background checks or special fees or requirements. A priest simply records the name of the group and the names of its members, gives you a token that they you should present when the group receives its first assignment at the lottery’s opening ceremony in two days time.

Rest tonight, come up with a name for your group, register tomorrow and explore the city a bit, then attend the lottery’s opening ceremony in the Sunburst Market in the center of the living city of Wait, between the Grand Mausoleum and Abadar’s Sanctum of Silver and Gold. The city is attracting a lot of other adventuring parties as well as throngs of local people in the streets as vendors should you need supplies.

I can’t wait to hear of you adventure when next we meet.


P.S. Sabti the Crocodile, the High Priestess of Pharsma is performing the opening ceremony. I helped the write the speech, so I’m picking out the important part in case you miss it. It’s called The Rules:

1. Basically, the necropolis is a mass grave and a holy place for the Pharasma church. Try to be a little respectful.
2. Try not to desecrate, destroy or vandalize the standing structures and tombs.
3. The dead need to be treated with dignity and respect. If you have to go into a tomb, please make sure it’s body is returned and not just dumped onto the floor. The dead in Wati tend to come back if they aren’t put back.


Servants arrive to help settle you into your rooms and offer fruits and refreshments. The dwarf is given another frosted mug of ale. Flutes of various elixirs, juices and drinks are presented to the newer arrivals. Two tanned servant boys with long fans attached to poles stand in the corner fanning the air to keep the air circulating and from feeling cloying. The servants do their work without saying a word, and smile if spoken to, bow low to the ground but continue without making any response.

Gathering in Wati

As the others begin to arrive, Rufus greets them individually in a friendly but awkward way. If the others seem interested, Rufus shows them some of the relics that he has found most rare and fascinating. Also, whenever it seems appropriate to do so, Rufus gestures to the parchment on the table and reminds the rest of the characters that in order to be assigned a ruin to investigate, the party will have to have a name. He grumbles, “I was a bit deep into my cups, but that’s what I came up with. It’s a start, anyway. We can discuss it further when we all gather together.”

Gathering in Wati

Calliope glides the room with her cat in tow. She greets Rufus with a friendly nod and relaxes while waiting for the others near Rufus to learn about the relics and what not. She is also watching her environment, always careful to see what is going on around her. She lets the others know that Calypso is a bit mischevious and if she becomes a problem feel free to let her know and she will take care of it.

Gathering in Wati

Fartouss enters the room quietly, dressed in modest robes and kufiya with his face veiled. He greats each of the other guest bowing deeply to each as he says “Well met my friends, I am Fartouss Mawalwala Water Dancer from the Voice of the Spire.” After his brief introduction he looks over the concessions provided and takes a small handful of dried fruit and some glass of spiced punch before retiring to a chair in the corner.

Gathering in Wati

The Snake reviews the document prepared by our host, rolling his eyes when he gets to the rules. He then gathers some items from his pack animal and retired to his room, where he begins to plot and plan as any adventurer of his nature would do.

Gathering in Wati
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