• Calliope Willowsong

    Calliope Willowsong

    Calliope is a beautiful elven sourceress with long flowing white hair and eyes the color of sapphires. Her skin is pale. She has a calico cat named Calypso that is always near by stirring up some sort of mischief just as her name implies.
  • Fartouss Mawalwala

    Fartouss Mawalwala

    human dawnflower dervish
  • Olivia


    A half-elf cleric of Erastil
  • Rufus Darkbeard

    Rufus Darkbeard

    An ugly and angry dwarf relic hunter inquisitor
  • The Snake

    The Snake

    Half elf Rogue; Relic Raider
  •  Sigrun Firehair

    Sigrun Firehair

    an Ulfen of the Linnorm Kingdoms who claims to be descended from a genie
  • Azaz Arafe

    Azaz Arafe

    The most junior member of the Scorched Hand, Azaz Arafe is a native son of Osirion and an evoker whose magical abilities are just potent enough to test the mettle of the unwary
  • Black Kiss

    Black Kiss

    Mysterious woman specializing in poisons
  • Falto


    A bravo from the streets of Absolam
  • Idorii


    A child of mixed heritage, Idorii is a blend of Garundi and elven grace. She is the martial arm of the Scorched Hand and resident expert in disarming traps and other hazards. More mercenary than devotee, she is paid extra to protect the group’s leader
  • Khelru


    Khelru’s thirst for knowledge and unshakable faith make him a natural second-in-command for the Scorched Hand. He seeks only what is fair in a situation that is anything but.
  • Mad Dog Marnn

    Mad Dog Marnn

    A loquacious and hard-drinking halfling
  • Ptemenib


    Cleric of Pharasma
  • Velriana Hypaxes

    Velriana Hypaxes

    The undisputed leader of the Scorched Hand, Velriana Hypaxes is a woman of brains, beauty, and unwavering faith offset only by her ruthless ambition and determination.