Azaz Arafe

The most junior member of the Scorched Hand, Azaz Arafe is a native son of Osirion and an evoker whose magical abilities are just potent enough to test the mettle of the unwary


Azaz is a handsome Keleshite man in his early twenties, who, when relaxed, possesses an easy smile and a friendly disposition. He is not tall, but his body is lean and fit, and he moves with a catlike grace. His hair is a lustrous black, just long enough that he must occasionally brush it out of his eyes. Thin lines of kohl rim his eyes, obviously to make them stand out rather than diminish the sun’s glare.


The Arafes are a family of lesser nobility who reside in the Osirian capital of Sothis, and Azaz is the youngest of three. With Azaz’s older siblings standing to inherit (and having already provided Azaz’s parents with grandchildren), the family made provisions to send their youngest child to Absalom to better himself through study at the city’s famed magic academy, the Arcanamirium. Highly intelligent but a dreamer, Azaz was delighted by the prospect of learning magic instead of business, economics, and other such mundane subjects, and applied himself moderately well to his studies—though in truth, Azaz enjoyed the social aspects of studying at the Arcanamirium more than the intellectual pursuits.

While in Absalom, Azaz met Khelru, who was on a pilgrimage to visit various temples of his god, Nethys. Although Khelru was a few years older than Azaz, Azaz fell in love with the priest overnight, and soon became a devout convert of the All-Seeing Eye to please him. During this time, Khelru met the Taldan wizard Velriana, who had caught wind of a reliable rumor that the Ruby Prince would soon open the Wati Necropolis to exploration and was recruiting a team of adventurers. Khelru was excited to be among the first Nethysians to delve into the city’s ancient past, long guarded by the clergy of Pharasma. Sharing in his partner’s joy, Azaz asked to join the expedition as well. Velriana accepted Azaz’s participation, since it secured Khelru’s partnership as well.

Azaz Arafe

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