A child of mixed heritage, Idorii is a blend of Garundi and elven grace. She is the martial arm of the Scorched Hand and resident expert in disarming traps and other hazards. More mercenary than devotee, she is paid extra to protect the group’s leader


Idorii stands a little over 6 feet tall, with a dusky complexion. Her long, dark hair is straighter than that normally found among her mother’s people and is pulled back in a single braid. She has an athletic physique befitting one who is accustomed to running, tumbling, and occasionally fighting. Idorii is not oblivious to her appearance, but she doesn’t go out of her way to look good. She projects a cool, confident demeanor, as would be
expected from a professional bodyguard paid to kick in doors and ask few questions—and those at sword-point, if need be.


At the tender of age of 24, Idorii has found herself all but alone in the world. She was born to an Osirian noblewoman engaged an in illicit affair with a traveling elven bard. After a single glance at her daughter’s pointed ears, Idorii’s mother knew her duplicity would soon be revealed to her husband and the entire community. It would mean scandal, divorce, and even loss of her social station. Rather than face those possibilities, Idorii’s mother conspired with her handmaids to declare the child stillborn and deliver the infant to the true father before anyone caught wind of the deception.

Idorii’s father is a complex soul who feigns being a much simpler man. For reasons known only to him, he avoids exclusively elven settlements, but he has staved off becoming Forlorn through his music and art. He raised Idorii to be self-sufficient, if not with a loving hand then at least out of a sense of duty. By the time she was 13, it was clear to Idorii that she either lacked a poet’s soul or could not find the means within herself to unlock it. Idorii nevertheless learned whatever lessons she could in her father’s shadow—how to protect herself and move about unnoticed, and how most obstacles are merely puzzles to be solved if one understands them. Her father still lives today, though the two see each other infrequently at best.

Recently, Velriana Hypaxes approached Idorii through a mutual contact. Velriana proposed an extended business relationship wherein Idorii would join Velriana’s adventuring group, the Scorched Hand. Idorii’s role would be acting as a “specialist” who’d find and disarm any devices that might be set to protect the archaeological sites they’d explore, and dispatch threats like guardians and other monsters. Velriana explained that Idorii would be considered an equal member of the team and receive an equal share of its fortunes. Idorii initially balked at the offer, stating that she could find work that guaranteed payment without risk or speculation. Velriana countered with the news of the impending opening of the Wati necropolis—a fact not yet widely known—and described the potential wealth to be gained from its untouched monuments. She also offered to pay the half-elf an additional retainer to see to Velriana’s own personal safety above that of the others in the group. Drawn by the possibilities, Idorii agreed, though the matter of her extra retainer is a secret that she and Velriana have not shared with Khelru and Azaz.


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