Khelru’s thirst for knowledge and unshakable faith make him a natural second-in-command for the Scorched Hand. He seeks only what is fair in a situation that is anything but.


Khelru is a tall Garundi man with expressive brown eyes. His physique is strong and healthy, though his movements are those of a cautious man. As an adventuring cleric, Khelru wears scale mail and a pointed helm over simple bleached linen garments, even though he is normally more comfortable in the vestments of a priest. In honor of his god, Khelru wears a sash across his waist and shoulder, half black and half white.


Khelru was born and raised in the city of Ipeq. He comes from a family of hardworking fishing folk, except for his brothers, who enlisted in the city’s merchant marines. Khelru grew up worshiping Sarenrae with his family, and even today he remains kindly disposed toward the Dawnflower and her followers. He became interested in Nethys when he observed that most of the god’s chosen were educated and enjoyed a lifestyle superior to that of his family. With curiosity, not resentment, the young Khelru stole away to the local temple of Nethys and posed a question: “How can one earn the god’s favor without money for schooling or books?”

Bemused, the priest replied, “The All-Seeing Eye rests his approving gaze upon the wizard and the priest alike. To those who bend their knees to his benevolence, he grants power the university will not.”

On that day, Khelru became a convert. Every spare moment he could steal away from the docks was spent toiling at the temple, and in return the clerics taught him his letters and numbers. The boy was never driven by greed, only the opportunity to better himself. Eventually, Khelru said farewell to the life of a fisherman and entered the priesthood, where Nethys, true to his tenets, granted him the power of magic. This was the defining experience of Khelru’s life.

Khelru remained in service at the temple in Ipeq while he saved his money. About 2 years ago, he took his savings and went on a pilgrimage to visit some of the well-known temples of Nethys on neighboring lands. In Absalom, Khelru had a chance meeting with a young wizard named Azaz Arafe, also an Osirian native. The two shared coffee and conversation, and not long after that, mutual attraction. Yet the difference in their backgrounds remains a sticking point in their relationship even today. Khelru takes pride in the struggles he underwent to reach his current station, and privately thinks Azaz takes his life of academic privilege for granted.

Khelru also became acquainted with Velriana Hypaxes in Absalom. Velriana shared the strength of Khelru’s faith but traveled in wizardly circles that he did not, and it was she who first heard the rumors of the opening of Wati’s necropolis, thus leading to the founding of the Scorched Hand.


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