Mummy's Mask

A4 - Tomb of Akhentepi
Trapped Corridor


The walls of this ten-foot-wide corridor feature bas-relief carvings of great battles. Armies with spears and shields clash at the direction of generals, while other leaders direct troops from chariots that are ruthlessly overrunning their enemies. Engraved stone double doors stand at either end of the hallway.

A3 - Tomb of Akhentepi
Lower Shaft Room


Mirrored images of a warrior in side profile, facing inward, are carved on an ornate pair of stone doors in the west wall of this square room. The figure is depicted wearing padded armor, with a scarab-shaped shield on the arm facing the viewer, and a raised khopesh held aloft in the other. A crumpled humanoid body lies directly in front of the doors. A hint of decay hangs in the air, and a dried stain mars the stone floor under the body. A square shaft in the ceiling leads straight up into darkness.

A2 - Tomb of Akhentepi
Upper Shaft Room


This square room is starkly devoid of any markings or adornment. In the center of the chamber’s floor, a square shaft drops straight down into darkness. A faint musty odor rises from the pit. A single piton has been hammered into the stone floor by the northeast corner of the pit, and a dusty length of rope dangles from the piton into the darkness of the shaft.

A1 - Tomb Antechamber
A. Tomb of Akhentepi


This rectangular room is empty save for some engravings and fixtures upon the walls, a pair of heavy stone doors to the north, and an immense stone wheel against the south wall. The air is stale, and a layer of dust and sand covers the floor, lying in a thicker layer to the south. All four walls bear sunk-relief engravings and hieroglyphs, while small stone faces are affixed to the walls at about shoulder height in each corner. The stone wheel to the south is engraved with a large spiral and is set in stone tracks in the floor and ceiling.

Part I - Arrival at the Tomb of Akhentepi
A. Tomb of Akhentepi

A rectangular stone mausoleum sits alone in what appears to have once been an actual cemetery. The trunks of a few dead trees poke out of the sand around the tomb, and a hot breeze whistles through their desiccated branches. A set of massive stone double doors is affixed to the northern side of the structure, beneath a facade bearing the likeness of an Osirian man. Windblown sand is heaped around the crypt, partially burying the doors that lead within.

Part I - Opening Ceremony and the Tomb of Akhentepi
Opening Ceremony

The bustling desert city of Wati is near bursting with excitement. Adventurers from every corner of the Inner Sea region have assembled here beneath the hot Osirian sun to explore the tombs of the city’s necropolis, waiting only to be assigned their first sites for exploration. Surrounding the participants, the public has gathered to observe the ceremony as well. There is a festival-like quality in the air, and numerous street vendors are hawking goods and refreshments to participants and spectators alike. Some merchants have even brought what can only be considered adventuring gear to sell as last minute convenience items to explorers, while others advertise that they’ll buy recovered treasures and antiquities from those who visit their establishments. In front of the imposing edifice of the Grand Mausoleum, an immense awning has been erected between decorated pillars in the market to provide shade for the priests of Pharasma overseeing the lottery. Beneath the awning, two urns sit atop a table elevated a few feet above the ground on a wooden stage constructed for the event. The high priestess of the Grand Mausoleum, Sebti the Crocodile, sits behind the table, while two acolytes confer with her at either side.


“Let the lottery begin! Although many of you have requested specific sites to explore, we must leave these matters to fate. The Lady of Graves is a far better judge of destiny than we of this mortal sphere. The gates of the necropolis will open at sunrise tomorrow. Use this evening to prepare yourselves for the task ahead. Let these rules guide you in your endeavors in this holy place: remember how this came to pass, every slave’s hut is a memorial, and honor the departed. May you go with the Lady’s blessing.”

Gathering in Wati
Forming the Party...


It’s a dry heat, but it’s still hot none-the-less. Sweat has formed on your body as you have traveled down the Asp River to the city of Wati. You are surprised that as you step onto dry land, a palanquin is waiting for you. Once settled inside the litter, and it’s born up by the human servants that carry it, you notice that the temperature has dropped once more to a bearable heat. The palanquin is spacious, obviously enchanted with a permanent “endure elements” and fit for the most wealthy of individuals, and upon closer inspection carved with all types of butterfly and Belapixie blossom motifs. Fitting for your host, Belapixie Qadira-Osito.

Belapixie Qadira-Ositio was once a courtesean of the Jade Lady in Ketapesh. She made her fame and wealth working with the Pathfinder Society, and vested her prestige heavily into Trading Caravans. This trading has led to her having a home here in Wati as well as many other locations and it is to be the starting place of what she hopes to be a profitable venture. Unaware of whom has been summoned besides you, the palanquin continues to move steadily to the Morning Sun District.

The Morning Sun district seems to consist of mostly noble estates, palatial homes with orchards and vineyards, unheard of in a desert city. You are shown to a rather elegant estate, a small cinnamon tree resting in a small garden with the smell of lemon blossom and exotic spices lingering in the air. The air here also seem cooler than the rest of the city. Small rolls of silk are stretched tight near the ground to cushion the feet and keep them from touching the hotter sands. The rooms are rich with tapestries and furs, not needed but displayed just to show off the wealth of the owners.

A grand room is set with rich fruits, exotic dates, waters and juices. A small fountain of cold, clear water bubbles continuously in the center of the room. A scroll of parchment is placed on a table, clearly meant to be read.

Opening it, you see written in an elegant and tidy hand the following:

“I’m so sorry to have not been present to greet you in person, but you are welcome to stay here at my little getaway while in the city of Wati. The fountain in front of you is magical and will heal you from heatstroke, fatigue and small bits of damage you might sustain. It works once a day, so don’t hesitate to use it if you need it. The servants will provide for you food while you’re here. But you’ll still need supplies when out and about.

Not sure what you know and don’t know, but with the necropolis opened by royal decree, the priests of the local temple of Pharasma, the Grand Mausoleum, have been tasked with assigning sites ready for exploration to adventuring companies in a lottery. Registering is not difficult; there are no background checks or special fees or requirements. A priest simply records the name of the group and the names of its members, gives you a token that they you should present when the group receives its first assignment at the lottery’s opening ceremony in two days time.

Rest tonight, come up with a name for your group, register tomorrow and explore the city a bit, then attend the lottery’s opening ceremony in the Sunburst Market in the center of the living city of Wait, between the Grand Mausoleum and Abadar’s Sanctum of Silver and Gold. The city is attracting a lot of other adventuring parties as well as throngs of local people in the streets as vendors should you need supplies.

I can’t wait to hear of you adventure when next we meet.


P.S. Sabti the Crocodile, the High Priestess of Pharsma is performing the opening ceremony. I helped the write the speech, so I’m picking out the important part in case you miss it. It’s called The Rules:

1. Basically, the necropolis is a mass grave and a holy place for the Pharasma church. Try to be a little respectful.
2. Try not to desecrate, destroy or vandalize the standing structures and tombs.
3. The dead need to be treated with dignity and respect. If you have to go into a tomb, please make sure it’s body is returned and not just dumped onto the floor. The dead in Wati tend to come back if they aren’t put back.

B15. House of Pentheru
Inner Courtyard


A tiled walkway surrounds a square patch of earth and sand in this high atrium. A balcony on the second floor overlooks the courtyard, and a square hole in the ceiling opens to the sky. Four columns in the corners of the atrium support the roof above, and the walls are decorated with symbols and hieroglyphs depicting animals, celestial creatures, and the sun and moon.

Beastiary – Sandman

D18. Sanctum of the Euridite Eye
Pool of Destruction


A large, star-shaped fountain with a circular basin in the center occupies most of this octagonal chamber, surrounded by a ring of stones engraved with hieroglyphs. Roaring blue flames rise from the basin to almost touch the ceiling. The area is separated from the rest of the complex by a metal gate just to the south.


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