Mummy's Mask

D10. Sanctum of the Euridite Eye
Trapped Corridor


This short, narrow corridor between two stone doors appears unremarkable.

D9. Sanctum of the Euridite Eye


Rows of stone shelves fill this crowded room. Most of the books and scrolls once stored here have disintegrated over time, but a few volumes engraved on more durable materials still endure. Numerous scroll tubes litter the floor of the room amid the dusty remains of ruined paper and papyrus. A solitary door is set into the western wall.

D8. Sanctum of the Euridite Eye
High Priest’s Quarters


This sparsely furnished room contains a bed frame bolted to the floor in the southwest corner next to a lacquered end table. On the opposite side of the room, a wooden desk has partially collapsed against the wall. Doors exit the room to the north, east, and south.

D7. Sanctum of the Euridite Eye
Lesser Priests’ Quarters


A short hallway connects a shallow, empty pool to the west to two curtained cubicles to the east. A wooden bench is bolted to the floor in a small alcove across from the pool. A set of stone doors marked with hieroglyphs stands to the north.

D6. Sanctum of the Euridite Eye
Acolytes’ Dormitory


A series of cubicles encircle an open central space here, each separated from the common area by a curtain hanging from a rod over the doorway.

D1 - Sanctum of the Euridite Eye
Hall of Illumination


No doors block the grand entrance to this building—a wide flight of steps leads directly up into the temple’s interior. Two humanoid statues flank the stairs, wearing black-and-white masks and holding quarterstaves. Just inside the entry, two rows of columns lead toward an archway in the north wall. Two smaller passages open to the east and west. With no doors, the wind has deposited a layer of dust and sand on the floor in this room.

D. - Sanctum of the Euridite Eye


With their sketched map, the party can easily find the Sanctum of the Erudite Eye. As you approach the temple, you notice the Sanctum’s central nave is symmetrical but the rest of the structure does not conform to traditional architecture, with wings and extensions on both sides that, except for the uniformity of the stonework, appear to have been haphazard additions. A large dome over the apse tops the roof at the north end of the temple. The Sanctum is windowless, and the temple’s exterior walls are carved with likenesses of the Nethys and other celestial figures.

B24. House of Pentheru
Guest Room


The walls of this room are decorated with a scenic vista of a river valley running through a desert, resplendent with verdant life and greenery near the shores. Only a few pieces of lacquered furniture remain in the chamber. A faint, musty odor of decomposed wood and fabric lingers in the air. A set of doors stands in the western wall.

B23. House of Pentheru


A large lacquered desk, now in poor condition, sits in the center of this room. Bookcases stand along the eastern and southwestern walls, sagging as if ready to collapse at any moment. Their shelves have fallen out, and the piles of dust at their bases are all that remains of books and scrolls that failed to survive the long years. The lacquered wooden frames of what might once have been divans stretch along the north and south walls, but their upholstery has disintegrated. A single door in the western wall is the room’s only exit.

B22. House of Pentheru
Harwam's Bedroom


Most of the contents of this room have fallen apart or otherwise been reduced to dust from the dry desert air. A foul, cloying smell fills the room.


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