Mummy's Mask

B3. House of Pentheru


The western side of the estate forms an L-shaped yard mostly given to sand, sun-dried earth, and the ancient husks of dead trees. Stone benches line the walls of the yard, and a large tiled pool sits in the southwest corner, dried and partially filled with sand. A short flight of steps leads between a pair of pillars to a
set of stone doors in the west side of the house. At the north end of the yard stands a squat stone building with columns at every corner.

B2. House of Pentheru
Outer Courtyard


Dust and sand cover the ground of this small courtyard. To the east and west stand pairs of columns, once brightly painted and now bleached from the sun, which support stone archways leading to other section of the property. Tarnished bronze gates hang open under both arches. To the north, a small flight of steps leads up to a pair of ornate doors in the south wall of the house between another set of columns.

B1. House of Pentheru
Outer Gate


Sandstone walls ten feet high enclose this estate, affording those who once lived inside some privacy. A two-story stone house is visible beyond the walls, adjoining the rear wall of the property. In the center of the estate’s southern wall stands a pair of tarnished bronze gates hanging partially open. A pair of statues flanks the gate. Dusty hieroglyphs are carved into the wall at eye level to the left of the gate.

Meeting at the Tooth and Hookah
Meeting the Competition


A notable merchant and collector of books has heard rumour of your findings and is interested in adding the gold leaf books to his Osirianology collection. He has sent word to meet him in at the The Tooth and Hookah.

The Tooth and Hookah is a marketplace, inn and tavern. Several groups have collected at the inn discussing their adventures to date, some of the stories are rather interesting. Some of the stories are not.

The Competition

A8. Tomb of Akhentepi
Trophy Room


A table displaying a three dimensional diorama occupies much of the north side of this room. Three shields with different designs are displayed upon a rack against the east wall, while various weapons hang from another rack along the south wall. Arrayed around the room are five small chests and a clay urn.

A7. Tomb of Akhentepi
Hall of Judgement


Four funerary masks hang on the wall of this short hallway, staring down as if in judgment at anyone standing in the corridor.

A6. Tomb of Akhentepi
Chariot Chamber


A brightly painted chariot sits in the center of this chamber. Beyond the chariot, a large canvas stretches between two stone columns. The skins of several animals—antelope, great cats, and crocodiles—now faded and deteriorated with age, are tacked to this canvas. A wooden chest, lacquered white and trimmed with gold inlay, sits in the southeast corner. In each corner of the room a small stone shield is molded into the masonry at shoulder height. An open hallway leads to the east, and a set of stone double doors leads south.

A13. Tomb of Akhentepi
Unfinished Wing


This short hallway narrows sharply to the west, descending to set of stairs that abruptly ends at a rough rock wall.

A18. Tomb of Akhentepi
Akhentepi's Burial Chamber


A sarcophagus covered in gold leaf rests on a raised stone platform in the center of this chamber. The casket’s cover is carved the likeness of an adult man with his arms crossed over his chest, and covered in thick coat of dust. Two ornate chests sit beyond the dais in the northeast and southeast corners, and between them stand two large funerary urns. The sole exit is a door to the west.

A17 - Tomb of Akhentepi
Chamber of Grave Goods


This room holds several neatly arrayed chests, boxes, and urns. The dust of centuries covers every surface. The only exit is a set of stone double doors to the south.


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