Mummy's Mask

D19. Sanctum of the Euridite Eye
Great Hall


D14. Sanctum of the Euridite Eye
Reliquary of the Thrice-Divided Soul


A stone effigy of a humanoid figure stands at the north end of this room, its arms spread in a gesture of supplication, or as if commanding an object to rise in the air. The figure’s face is devoid of detail, with only vague contours where the eyes and nose should be. An extensive series of hieroglyphs covers the western wall, opposite a stone bench that stands against the eastern wall.

D13. Sanctum of the Euridite Eye
Catacomb Antechamber


In addition to the bronze gate to the north, pairs of stone doors exit this empty room to the east and west, each emblazoned with black-and-white mask symbol of Nethys. The doors to the west are locked. The eastern doors are unlocked. A statue stands against the southern wall of the room.

D12. Sanctum of the Euridite Eye
Chamber of Waiting


A stone bench sits against the eastern wall of this octagonal chamber. Black tiles line the floor, walls, and ceiling. A short passage to the south ends at a gate of bronze bars.

D4. Sanctum of the Euridite Eye


A small shrine occupies a raised dais in the north of this room. Two waist-high fonts stand on either side of the altar, and a small wooden cabinet is bolted against the eastern wall. Two rows of stone benches stand to the south of the dais. A fetid odor permeates the room.

D3. Sanctum of the Euridite Eye
Sacred Pool


An immense tiled pool, empty and no more than two feet deep, lies beneath a vaulted ceiling covered with images of celestial beings. Four columns stand beyond the pool to the northeast, each carved to represent one of the four primal elements. A ring of hieroglyphs encircles the base of each pillar.

D5. Sanctum of the Euridite Eye
Kitchen and Dining Hall


The southern area of this large space contains a long stone table, two benches, and two wooden hutches. Just visible behind a partition wall to the north is a kitchen with tables, cabinets, and a stove in the corner. Around a corner to the south stands a stone enclosure with a rounded top and a hatch set in the front.

D2b. Sanctum of the Euridite Eye
Cathedral of Nethys


North of the Hall of Protection, the ceiling rises to a high dome 40 feet above the main floor, forming the primary cathedral of Nethys. Three flights of short, steep steps climb up to a large platform elevated 5 feet above the floor. At the rear of this platform, a 15-foot-tall statue of Nethys, half white and half black, stands atop a raised octagonal dais. The top of the main platform is tiled in black marble, while the octagonal dais is a striking white, and the ring that separates them is tiled in red.

D2a. Sanctum of the Euridite Eye
Hall of Protection


Space and elevation lend a sense of past grandeur and majesty to this large space. A large, star-shaped fountain with a circular pool in the center sits in the middle of the chamber. The bottom of the pool is decorated with a great mosaic eye made from tiny colored tiles, and hieroglyphs are carved into the paving stones ringing the fountain. Two rows of columns support the ceiling overhead, which continues to rise to a domed ceiling in the northern portion of the chamber. At the far end of the hall, a massive statue with arms raised
overlooks the entire length of the temple from atop a raised dais. East and west of the fountain, two sets of stone double doors exit the chamber.

D11. Sanctum of the Euridite Eye
Chamber of Readiness


This octagonal chamber is empty save for a large metal chest against the eastern wall. A series of hieroglyphs are inscribed on the wall above it. Stone doors are set in both the northern and southern walls.


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