Mummy's Mask

B14. House of Pentheru


A stone privy is built into one wall of this tiny room, and a stone table with a basin stands against the other wall. A large mirror once hung above the table, but it was shattered ages ago. The floor is covered in broken glass and dead scarab beetles. A headless corpse sits upright on one of the privies.

B13. House of Pentheru


A large tiled pool sits in the center of this chamber, surrounded by sloping tiled floors. A few steps descend into the basin, which has accumulated a deep layer of sand on its bottom. Faded murals on the walls depict scenes of life along a river, with recurring themes of running water and aquatic life running through the artwork. In the northeast corner, a tarnished bronze spigot juts from the wall just above head level. Archways lead north and west, and a stone door stands in the eastern wall.

B11. House of Pentheru


Brightly colored columns stand in the four corners of this foyer. Hieroglyphs cover the walls and tiled floors, obscured in places by piles of dust and sand. Open archways lead to the north, east, and west, while a set of stone double doors exit to the south.

B30. House of Pentheru
Pentheru's Tomb


A stone sarcophagus rests atop a stone platform occupying the southern end of this room. The lid of the sarcophagus bears the likeness of a man and is inlaid with gemstones and trimmed in gold. Two lacquered benches run parallel to the east and west walls just north of the platform. Hieroglyphs line the walls of the chamber, and stone torch holders are set in all four corners

[ Beastiary – Adherer.

B29. House of Pentheru
Unfinished Crypt


An earthy scent fills this large chamber. The ceiling and walls are tiled with stone, but the ground is bare earth. Stone benches are set against the east and west walls, and torch holders are mounted in the corners and on either side of a wide doorway to the west. The beginnings of several shallow, rough passages have been started along the eastern wall and in the southwest corner, but the excavations are incomplete, ending in earth and rubble after only a few feet. At the south end of the room, a short, wide flight of steps descends to a set of stone double doors.

Beastiary – Ubashki Swarm

B28. House of Pentheru
Preperation Chamber


The air in this chamber is cool. The walls and ceilings are tiled with stone, but the floor is hard-packed earth, giving the area an unfinished quality. A long stone table rests against the western wall, flanked by two large brass urns. A flight of steps ascends to the south, while two passages lead north and east out of the room.

B27. House of Pentheru


The decrepit staircase creaks and groans in complaint as feet come thumping down the ageing stairs. The staircase is battered but beautiful. Although it looks tired and worn down, there are signs of a past; scuffed bronze handrails, iron swirled balusters and the patches of polished wood that shines in the soft light.

B26. House of Pentheru
The Undershrine


A stone altar sits upon a raised stone platform in the center of this square room. Caryatid columns carved in the likenesses of male and female figures with their arms crossed over their chests and khopeshes or ankhs in their hands stand at each corner of the platform. Empty torch holders are built in all four of the room’s corners. Two stairways exit the room— one climbs to the south, while the other descends from this chamber to the north.

B4. House of Pentheru
Family Mausoleum


A rectangular stone building sits in the northwest corner of the estate. At each corner stand columns carved to resemble men and women with their arms crossed over their chests. A set of stone doors stands in the southern face of the building, carved with bas-relief faces of two men. Hieroglyphs are carved into the doors just beneath the faces.

B7. House of Pentheru
Guard Quarters


This small, one-room structure is devoid of features, save the ruined remains of furniture that have all but disintegrated with the passage of time.


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